History & Traditions

History & Traditions

Our Past

Midway University, formerly the Kentucky Female Orphan School, was the dream of Dr. Lewis Letig Pinkerton, a young physician and minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Together with James Ware Parrish, the Midway Christian Church elder who raised the funds necessary to open the school, they joined with other progressive thinkers to launch a revolutionary educational experiment. In antebellum Kentucky, the few girls who received formal education were taught to read only because it was considered necessary for their role as mothers. When they reached adulthood, they would read the Bible to their children. Female orphans were rarely offered even this meager amount of schooling. Without education or parental support and concern, the most many could hope for was a lifetime of drudgery as a maid or laborer.

The liberal arts curriculum and career preparation proposed by Dr. L. L. Pinkerton was a comprehensive solution to this tragic situation, and the benefits reached far beyond the individual girls who attended the school. Dr. L. L. Pinkerton’s dream became a reality as Midway-educated teachers went forth to share their learning with youngsters throughout the state and region. In the years since its inception, the institution has evolved to meet the educational needs of women, and now men, while preserving the goals and standards of its founders.

Today, Midway University has achieved its goal of excellence in education, providing advanced instruction in a broad range of subjects based upon a strong liberal arts curriculum. The campus and programs have grown with the school’s enrollment, yet many of the traditional ideals Midway was founded on have remained constant. The college’s affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) remains strong and many members of the student body are active members of Christian Church congregations.

On May 12, 2016, the Midway University Board of Trustees voted to become fully coeducational in all of its undergraduate programs by fall 2016. Daytime programs and the residential campus had been solely for women since the school’s founding and operated as a Women’s College. Evening and online undergraduate programs and graduate programs all have been co-ed since their inception.


Last Supper

As a kickoff to each semester’s finals week, faculty and staff prepare and serve a special “breakfast buffet” as a study break at 10 p.m. in the Piper Dining Hall. Students look forward to this event each semester and the line starts early. Students enjoy made-to-order waffles and omelets as well as a full hot breakfast. Favorite faculty members and coaches serve as waiters and waitresses to serve the students.

Night of Lights

A truly unique tradition is the Night of Lights which marks the end of the academic year with its special way of enabling friends to say farewell. Small candles are floated down the stream by the Path of Opportunity. Legend has it that if the candle stays aflame while passing beneath the bridge, one’s wish will come true.

Ringing the Pinkerton Bell

The Pinkerton Bell has a history as rich and proud as Midway University. Originally used to signal wake-up, meals and classes, the bell was no longer rung after 1952 when a clock and bell system was installed. In 1958 the board of trustees passed a resolution that in part declared “. . . it has rung through the years just as clearly as on that first day. It has now come into its own again and we trust that the students of the future will reverence and honor it as you do now. May is rest where it has swung since 1858 on Pinkerton Hall, and may it send out its glad tidings as long as our college exists.” Hence, the bell is now rung for any happy occasion.

Nurses Pinning Ceremony

The associate and bachelor’s degree nursing classes receive their nursing pins during this special event, which is held at the end of each semester in December and May. This special event honors the hard work and dedication of the newest nurses but it also allows them to thank their families and friends who supported them along their journey. Each student selects a special person in their life to come forward and pin their nurse’s pin on them.

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