Midway College Student Email

All Midway College currently enrolled students and students that have graduated from the college, will be provided an email account. Each student is notified via their personal email account with confirmation when their Midway College email is active and instructions are provided how to access their email.

Select the link to the right of your email for the appropriate format (@midway.edu, @students.midway.edu, or @alum.midway.edu):
1. @midway & @students email account click here: https://outlook.com/midway.edu
2. @alum email account click here: https://login.microsoftonline.com

Please review the Midway College Computing Resource Guidelines: http://www.midway.edu/computingresourceguidelines. Your use of any Midway College email account and/or related network systems, implies your agreement to these policies.

For Employee Midway College email login, go to: https://outlook.com/midway.edu

If you experience any technical issues accessing either system, if you need Midway College portal, Campus Web, or email username/password information go to Midway College Help Desk and create a help ticket and provide full name and Midway College Student ID number (do not provide any part of your SSN).

To comply with the new security policy and best practice, we are enforcing password change every 90 days. Self-service password reset option now available for Midway College with one time enrollment is required before you have the ability to change or reset your password. This option enables Midway College students, faculty, and staff the ability to reset or change their password at any time of the day, on or off campus without the assistance of IT.

A one-time enrollment is required before you have the ability to change or reset password.

To enroll, please visit https://mchelp.midway.edu/portal

• Select, "Enroll/Reset Password" button (or press the tablet picture if you are on a smart phone or tablet) – It is on the right side of the screen
• When the Midway College Self-Management of Passwords page (SMOP) appears, click, "Enroll"
• Type your current Midway College E-mail address and your current password.
• Select Login located at the bottom of the screen.
• Complete the security questions on the Enrollment screen (minimum of two questions is required) then click Enroll.
• When successfully enrolled, click Change Password on the left of the screen - type your full email address as your username and your current password, then proceed with creating a new password (please review the new password format instructions carefully).

*Note – your password will expire every 90 days. If you have enrolled prior to your password expiring, you may select Reset password from the SMOP page. You will be prompted to type your username (full email address). Complete your security questions on the next page, and if all is correct, you will be provided a password. If you wish to change your current password you may click on Change Password to create a new password.