Residence Life

Residence Life

Midway’s Residence Life Department is focused on creating a strong and involved community of learners. By living on campus, it is our sincere hope that you fully embrace your development inside and outside of the classroom. Living in community can come with unique challenges, but amazing rewards of friendship, growth, and connection. During your years living with us, we will strive to support you academically, socially, personally, and spiritually.

There are two residence halls available to students- Buster Hall and Belle Wisdom. In order to support you, we have Resident Assistants who live on every floor. These undergraduate Midway Leaders are dedicated to connecting you to other residents and to campus through engaging and creative activities. A professional Resident Director also lives in each building and works to get to know each student through building events and individual conversations. Your Resident Assistant and Resident Director are here for you.

Students are asked to complete a Housing Form each year.

Residency Requirements
All students under twenty-one (21) years of age are required to live on campus. All campus residents must be full-time students enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours of academic work for any given semester.

Student may exempt from living on campus if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • are married
  • have dependents
  • reside with parents or a legal guardian within a 50-mile radius of Midway University
    are registered for less than 12 semester hours.

Housing exemptions may not be granted if students receive certain types of Midway academic and athletic scholarships that require living on campus. Students may consult the scholarship awarding letter or the Financial Aid Office to see if a particular scholarship has the residency requirement.

Students who believe that they qualify for an exemption to live off-campus must submit a Housing Exemption Request to the Director of Residence Life before the new academic year begins. Please keep in mind that financial aid packages may be adjusted if you decide to live off-campus.