Equine Barn Manager

Positions Available: 
Department Hours: 
M-Sun: 6AM-6PM
Job Description: 
We are looking for a responsible worker who can work with a variety of horses on campus and can handle a managerial position over their peers. Job duties include all that a Barn Worker does and is held responsible for making sure essential chores get done and making sure all workers are staying on task. You must be available to work at least two weekends and possibly early morning hours. Hours are completed around student’s class schedule and will complete 108 hours a semester. We will be interviewing for these positions the first week of class. The requirements for the student barn manager position are: 1 year barn worker experience, work well with others, be able to lead a group of workers, be professional, be on time and have staff recommendation. Student barn managers are responsible for making sure the work gets done and gives direction to the barn workers while on the shift.