Midway College Business Faculty Writes the Book on Problem Solving

May 30 - Nov 30

Midway College

Midway College Business Faculty Writes the Book on Problem Solving
Solutions: Business Problem Solving is a Practical Resource for All Businesses

For Immediate Release
May 29, 2012

Midway, Ky..—The Business Faculty at Midway College has combined their talents and areas of expertise to write a book focused on helping businesses solve their everyday issues. On June 14, after two years of writing, editing and proofing, the book “Solutions: Business Problem Solving” will roll off the presses and be available for purchase.

The book idea came about when Dr. Eric Bolland, Chair of the MBA Division, joined Midway and found the business faculty’s combined talents spanned the spectrum of problems that business people face day in and day out.

“The purpose of the book is to be used by individuals as a resource like an owner’s manual, desk reference or an encyclopedia since you can look up the topic that is pertinent to your issue at any time,” says Bolland. “It also has been written for the academic world as a text book covering 19 different business topics which makes it a great classroom resource for business students.”

The topics covered in the book include a wide range of issues – everything from deciding whether to buy or lease equipment to human resource issues to analyzing your competition and the book addresses needs of various size organizations.

The book is published by Gower Publishing and is available in hard copy. It is 406 pages with 19 chapters. The book is available for purchase through AshGate Publishing at www.ashgate.com, orders@ashgate.com or toll-free 1-800-5359544.

More About the Book
Solutions is a practical guide that will help managers, and professionals solve the most
common organizational problems they face. It is the result of a major collaborative effort by members
of the same business faculty, to identify and define solutions for the most frequently occurring
issues and problems for small, medium and large businesses as well as for non-profit organizations.
Readers will be able to quickly locate, understand and use a specific tool or technique to solve a
problem, rather than having to uncover a decision making tool buried within a textbook.
Midway College
Problems and decision making, Wendy Hoffman;
Optimizing decision making and avoiding pitfalls, Corinne Farneti and Glenn Dishman;
Leadership, Sal Mirza and Frank Fletcher;
Communications, Karen Clancy and Linda Eldridge;
Strategy, Eric Bolland and Jerry Wellman;
Developing organizational design and culture, Frank Fletcher;
Human resource management, Sal Mirza and Corinne Farneti;
Marketing and promotion, Marla Ashe;
Competitors and competitive intelligence, Eric Bolland;
Pricing, Laura D’Antonio;
Identifying and serving customers, Marla Ashe;
Operations management, Rik Berry;
Distribution and supply, Eric Bolland;
Project and process management, Jerry Wellman;
Accounting, Laura Barthel;
Finance, budgeting and cash flow, Rik Berry and Laura D’Antonio;
Organizational performance, Laura Barthel;
Government and legal issues,Teresa Isaac and Bobby Ricks;
Websites and information technology, Eric Bolland; Index.

About the Editors:

Dr. Eric Bolland is currently Chair of the MBA Division at Midway College, Kentucky, USA. He has thirty years private and public sector managerial experience and has authored three books and over fifty articles in business and economics.

Dr. Frank Fletcher is currently Chair of the Business Division of Midway College. He is an independent
consultant and staff member for organizations including National Alliance of Business, Gulf + Western
Corporation, McGraw-Hill. He is a Certified Professional Fundraiser and Certified Professional Marketer. He has also served on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

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