Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Sometimes the best learning experiences are outside the classroom and worlds away.

Midway University offers three distinct programs to enhance our students’ education experience – Study Aboard, Service Learning Abroad, and Faculty-led Programs.


Study Abroad

Study Abroad opportunities at Midway University are limitless.Through our partner networks with IPSL and ISA, students can select from a variety of countries and program types.

Study Abroad Fairs are held on campus each year where students can interact with the organizations who run these program and gain in-depth information.


Service Learning Abroad

True to our Mission, Vision, and Values, Midway University promotes learning by serving for social and economic justice.  Through the organization Global Volunteers students can have a study abroad experience based on completing a service project based around their personal interest.

Read About Hristina Ostojic’s St. Lucia Experience


Faculty–led Programs

Equine Study Abroad

The equine industry is an international industry, both in how and with whom business is conducted. In order to best educate those who will be involved in this industry, Midway University has partnered with Universidad de Panama Veterinary School and with Haras Cerro Punta, a thoroughbred horse breeding farm to provide our equine students the opportunity to experience the farm operations and excellent breeding, foaling, and facility management practices at Haras Cerro Punta.

The semester-long program during spring consists of a one-week pre-departure orientation, 12 weeks abroad in a structured intensive curricular and co-curricular program, and a two-week re-entry course. The time of year has been selected so the students experience the breeding and foaling activities that coincide in both northern and southern hemisphere.

The University hopes to develop other programs such as this in the near future.

Students wishing to learn about one or all of these programs can contact the Office of Multicultural & International Affairs at any time throughout the year. Short term and long term opportunities exist as well as credit-based and service-based programs.

Photo courtesy IPSL.