$225/credit hour

$225/credit hour

This rate makes our program Kentucky's most affordable M.Ed.

100% Online

100% Online

All coursework is online for convenience

Program Overview

Midway University’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) Teacher Leader Program is designed for teachers who wish to continue working in the classroom while developing leadership skills to help themselves and others become effective teachers and create positive learning environments.

Our educational leadership program for teachers focuses on preparing teachers to improve practices in their schools. The program also prepares candidates to serve as change agents who improve student performance as well as school culture and climate.

Preparing Candidates as Leaders

      1. Evaluating high quality research on student learning;
      2. Planning for differentiated instruction in diverse P-12 classrooms;
      3. Enhancing expertise in content knowledge;
      4. Incorporating reflective practices;
      5. Providing clinical experiences that examine student achievement in diverse settings;
      6. Enhancing instructional design using Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS) and EPSB Themes; and
      7. Providing evidence of mastery of Advanced-level Kentucky Teacher Standards.

Application for Admission

  • Official transcripts from each college or university attended
  • 3.0 GPA from degree-granting institution
  • Principal Recommendation Form

Teaching Methods

In addition to varied program delivery, each course provides opportunities for different learning and teaching styles, depending on content. Each syllabus contains a list that identifies the teaching or learning methods taught or used in the course.

Program Features

  • 100% online
  • Be a part of a vibrant learning community
  • Online webinars and discussions
  • Problem-based Inquiry Learning
  • Job Embedded Projects
  • Culturally-Responsive Teaching and Learning
  • Action Research

Cost- Kentucky’s Most Affordable M.Ed. Program*

$225/credit hour

*Midway University waives its Learning Management System fees for teachers enrolled in the M.Ed. program making this the most cost-effective program of its kind in the state.

Course Number Name of Course Credit Hours

Major Course Requirements

EDU 501Teachers as Professional Leaders3
EDU 502Closing the Achievement Gap through Assessment, Evaluation and Data Analysis3
EDU 503Action Research for Teacher Leaders3
EDU 504Content Area Literacy Instruction and Leadership3
EDU 511Teaching for Equity and Justice in Schools through Leadership3
EDU 506Educational Policy and Law for Teacher Leaders3
EDU 507Teacher Leadership: Collaborating, Coaching and Mentoring with Teachers3
EDU 508Professional Growth and Development in Teacher Leadership3
EDU 509Topics and Trends in P-12 Schools3
EDU 531Action Research for Teacher Leaders II3

Total - M.Ed


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