Library Memorial Library


The Little Memorial Library supports and enhances the activities of the college by providing resources, services and instruction that meet the educational and informational needs of students, faculty and staff. These resources and services are available to all faculty and students wherever the programs or courses are located and however they are delivered. Midway College provides academic offerings in the traditional Women’s College on campus, in the School for Career Development at off-campus sites and through the Online College.


1. To provide an information literacy program that teaches students the skills needed to effectively locate, evaluate, and use information.

2. To develop and make readily accessible local collections of print and non-print materials that support and enrich the present and projected curricula of the college and to provide access to remote collections.

3. To ensure the provision of and ready access to library resources and services to support distance learning activities.

4. To provide an adequate, qualified and competent staff to achieve the library’s purpose.

5. To improve the library and other learning resources through formal and systematic evaluation and assessment.