Information Literacy

Information Literacy Competencies and Outcomes

1. Define a topic or information need and develop a search strategy
•State a question, problem, or issue
•Identify terms and keywords relating to the information need
•Identify sources that might exist to answer the question
•Understand Boolean operators
•Understand use of subject headings

2. Access the needed information
• Use library’s online catalog to find a book or print resource
•Use electronic databases to access full-text journal articles and abstracts
•Effectively use Internet resources
•Use print resources
•Utilize interlibrary loan and catalogs of other institutions to locate resources not held locally

3. Evaluate the information found
•Check resource for reliability, authoritativeness, and timeliness
•Determine if information gathered answers the question or addresses the issue

4. Use and synthesize the information
•Use information gathered for argument
•Document sources using proper citations