Information Literacy

Assignments for Classroom Use

These 12 great exercises will teach students the basics of research. They range from 10-40 minutes each and most include an answer key. Created by Sarah Kaip, December 2007.

  • Thinking about information
    Gets students over the "panic" and "procrastinate" mode and into the "get organized" and "create a plan" mode.
  • Creating a Research Question Teaches students how to narrow a topic and come up with a research question.
  • Search Terms Worksheet Gets students thinking about synonyms and related words.
  • Using Experts Gets students thinking about synonyms and related words.
  • The Library Catalog Students learn what is in a catalog and how to use it.
  • Popular, Trade, and Scholarly Publications Great hands-on ecercise to learn the differences among the three types of publications.
  • Writing a Citation Students learn how a database is organized by creating their own database record.
  • Database Discovery Students learn what databases are, what they contain, ow to search them, and how to use all the different features.
  • Quality of Information Students find a book, journal or magazine article, newspaper article, and web site all on the same topic. The then evaluate each source for authority, accuracy, currency, reliability, usefulness, and scholarly merit.
  • Web Wonders Students choose 1 of 3 given web sites and evaluate it based on criteria listed in the previous exercise.
  • Fix this Bibliography Students are given a badly messed up bibliography and must make all corrections.
  • Authorship, Rights of Authors, Responsibilities of Researchers Unique assignment with non-threatening, yet thought-provoking quesitons to get students thinking about intellectural property and citing sources.