My Midway Perspective

Courtney Kalka

Courtney Kalka

My name is Courtney Kalka. I am a freshmen at Midway College. Midway College was the perfect choice for me. I felt at home and welcomed from day one. Every day on campus is a good day to me. I truly do love it here. Being so far from home can be very difficult, but the staff, students, and professors have made it easier for me. They are so kind and really do care about me. With midway being a smaller college it is easier for me to focus and not get distracted. The smaller classes help me strive because I know all of the professors are here for me.

Playing a sport and having classes can be difficult to balance, but you just have to know how to manage your time. Volleyball was 24/7 my first semester so it was difficult, but the coaches want you to succeed so they are there for you every step of the way. They push and challenge you to always do your best in sports and school. It is nice to be on a team because they are your second family.

Whether you play a sport or not Midway has plenty of ways to get involved. The Student Affairs office always has activities year round. They have fun trips, movie nights, cotton candy days, volunteer work and so much more. You get e-mails about what is going on daily. You wouldn’t think there would be so much to do at a small school but there are lots of things going on.

Midway is a great school that anyone can make perfect home for four years. I know that I can do my best and achieve whatever I want here. I also know that I will have many supporters right behind me cheering me on. Everyone here challenges you because they want nothing less than greatness from you.