Class Format

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The courses and programs offered through Midway College School for Career Development are delivered in an accelerated format. We understand you want to earn your degree as quickly as possible in a manner that is convenient to your busy schedule. Unlike other fine colleges and universities, which operate in 16-week semesters or 12-week quarters, SCD operates in Cohorts and Modules.

Cohort Class Format

As you earn your degree, you’ll be attending class and completing coursework with a group of students, referred to as a cohort, who are working toward completing the same major as you. The cohort format provides the opportunity for you to capitalize on the real-world experiences and personal support of your classmates.

Module Class Format

Module Courses are offered in the evenings and on Saturdays on the Midway College campus five times a year. Each course meets for eight weeks and is generally worth three-semester hours’ credit. Modules are a great way to complete the general education and elective credits needed for your degree. You can stay on track to complete your degree quickly by taking the courses for you major one night a week and completing any other credits you may need on another night.