Academic Programs


Business careers are enhanced in Midway College classrooms, where you can develop skills and qualities essential for success: analytical ability; critical thinking; the ability to lead others; and an understanding of social, political, and economic forces.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration - Accounting
Associate of Arts in Business Administration
Minor, Business Administration

Health Care Administration

As the nation’s health care industry continues to grow, Midway College students look to a Health Care Administration (HCA) degree to gain a broad knowledge of health care policy and financing, including leadership and management skills. This accelerated evening program is designed for students who wish to enter or advance in the health care delivery system. When you attend classes with other working adults, you’ll benefit from their real-world experiences and personal support throughout each course.

Careers options for HCA graduates include emergency medical services coordinator, health consultant, hospital comptroller, occupational safety and health inspector, public health statistician, coordinator of rehabilitation services, health advocate, health economist, hospital personnel director, public health inspector, and social welfare administrator.

Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration

Interdisciplinary Studies

Midway College’s Interdisciplinary Studies is an interdisciplinary degree emphasizing the abilities most demanded in today’s workplace: oral and written communication, critical thinking, technology and information literacy, and global awareness.

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies


Midway College offers the Associate of Arts degree in Nursing. In the Women's College there is a day format and in the School for Career Development, an accelerated evening format offered at the Main Campus. A student who successfully completes the program is eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). Successful completion of this examination allows the graduate to practice nursing as a registered nurse (RN).

The Associate Degree Nursing Program at Midway College is fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (formerly National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission). The curriculum for this nursing major has a dual focus--team-taught classroom theory emphasizing the technical and theoretical aspects of nursing, and concentrated, supervised, clinical laboratory experiences in several health-care agencies in central Kentucky.

Associate of Arts in Nursing- Track I

The Associate Degree in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing, ADN-BSN (4-5 year) track, allow graduating high school students, who have earned the required college credit hours, to begin as first-year students. These entering students complete the ADN degree requirements, take the National Council Licensure Exam for RN licensure (NCLEX-RN), and continue with BSN course work. Successful completion of the RN licensure examination provides students with the potential to be employed as RN’s while completing the BSN degree.

Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Nursing- Track II

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program for registered nurses (Track III) offers the qualified student a program of study which combines general education courses with professional nursing theory and more complex, and non-traditional clinical practice. Consistent with the mission and goals of the college, the BSN program prepares nurses as leaders who can provide health care and leadership to individuals, families, groups, and populations of diverse cultures in a variety of settings.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses- Track III

Criminal Justice

The field of Criminal Justice is broad. From local law enforcement to federal level investigative bureaus, the need for trained and skilled professionals continues to grow. Midway College’s Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice prepares learners to manage activities related to law enforcement, corrections and courts. This is a strong skills development and training program to prepare students to succeed at any level within the criminal justice system.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice

Sport Management

Would you like a career in the exciting, competitive world of athletics? Midway’s Sport Management degree will prepare you for managing sport programs in a variety of settings: business, community, public, or private. You will earn a well-rounded education that integrates sport industry knowledge with the fundamentals of management, marketing, accounting, and finance.

Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management

Teacher Education

You can realize your goal of becoming an educator in Midway College’s Teacher Education program. Midway has an excellent reputation for developing leaders in the classroom and prides itself on a perfect record: 100 percent of Midway College Teacher Education students receive their provisional licensure after graduation!

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (P-5)
Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (P-5) with Learning and Behavior Disorders Certification
Bachelor of Arts in Middle School Education (5-9)
Bachelor of Arts in Middle School Education (5-9) with Learning and Behavior Disorders Certification
Bachelor of Arts in Secondary English Education
Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Mathematics Education