My Midway College Perspective


I decided to attend Midway College due to the many great qualities it offers the adult student. Midway College provides relatively small class sizes that allows for personal interaction with the Professor and fellow students. The smaller class sizes also allowed professors the ability to learn and call upon each student by name. The conveniences of the evening classes at a facility close to my home, allowed me to negotiate life as a husband and father and full time employee.

The accelerated programs are very fast paced at Midway. They allow each person to learn from other working adults. The support and camaraderie I experienced with other students in the program went beyond any other higher education program I have attended. The accelerated pace allowed for learning that was very efficient. I was able to find immediate application to the concepts taught in the classroom. The contacts and friendships I have developed at Midway have opened up additional resources for me to call upon in my current career.

Many times my peers or my up-line managers have commented on how my strategic thinking and business communication has improved since undertaking the Midway MBA degree. The education I received at Midway College has opened so many opportunities for me to get ahead in the marketplace. In my personal life as well as my work there are many examples of how the MBA program has improved my management effectiveness in each of the competencies of Self Awareness, Change Management, Communication, Global Strategies, Diversity, Ethics and Team Effectiveness. The nature of the Leadership MBA program at Midway College prepares tomorrow’s leaders to make an impact in the Bluegrass Region. After I graduated in the Midway College Organizational Management program with a BA in 2005, I was promoted to a sales position with my current company – a position that was not easily reached without having previous sales experience.

I am honored to be part of Midway’s first MBA program. Prior to enrolling in the MBA program at Midway I received several request regarding my interest in participating in such a program. My response was always very favorable. This was due to the wonderful experience that I gained from being in the School for Career Development (SCD). I fully support Midway College and would be happy to speak to anyone who wants to speak to a student to see how this program can provide value.

Barry Brinegar

Barry Brinegar
2005 Midway College Graduate
MBA Class of 2010