MBA Program Objectives


MBA Objectives
Business Acumen
Students will analyze problems by applying generally accepted theory, best practices and leadership/management skills in the business environment.

Critical Thinking Analysis, Problem Solving and Communication Skills
Students will have the ability to think critically and apply the conclusions of such a process to real life situations as well as be able to communicate in speech and in writing at a level which reflects competency.

Leadership Potential
Students will understand the principles of leadership, team building, and human relations.

Awareness of Global Business Environment
Students will be able to identify and analyze economic, multicultural, national, and international issues in the global business environment.

Legal, Ethical and Social Responsibility
Students will be aware of legal, ethical, and social responsibilities and able to translate them into effective corporate policies.

Skill Development in the Following Areas:
• Leadership
• Critical Thinking
• Communication and Interpersonal Relations
• Management
• Marketing
• Finance
• Global Business
• Business Law and Ethics
• Assessment (Qualitative and Quantitative) Methods