Verification Forms 2015-16

Important Change for 2015-16 Verification

KHEAA has been contracted to complete all Verification services for 2015-16 on behalf of Midway College through their KHEAA Verify system.

Every year the U.S. Department of Education selects a percentage of financial aid applicants for a review of their financial aid information. This review is known as Verification and will require certain information to be submitted in order for the financial aid process to be completed.

The completion of the Verification process is not optional and must be completed before any financial aid awards will be offered. The failure to submit verification documentation before the priority dates may delay disbursements. Below are the priority dates for submitting all verification documentation to KHEAA:

The status of your verification process is available online via your KHEAA Verify account. To access your account:
• Please go to and click “Sign In.”
• Sign in with your user id and password (First time users must register first).
• Click on KHEAA Verify.
• Review the documents needed for your account and follow instructions provided to submit.

For questions about the KHEAA Verify process or questions regarding your verification status, contact:

KHEAA Verify Team
Monday thru Friday, 8:00 – 6:30 EST