The Business Office performs the transfer of credit to eCampus, should you decide to use some of your anticipated financial aid credit for the purchase of books. Once you have reviewed your student account on the Midway College portal and assuming it shows that you are expected to have a surplus of aid, you can complete the ecampus form listed under “Business Office” to the left. If you are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and elect not to use the eCampus method for purchasing textbooks, upon your written request to the Financial Aid or Business Office, funds for purchase of textbooks will be made available to you through release of a credit balance check no later than seven days after the start of the term. Note: In order for the business office to process your eCampus transfer request, you MUST have an active Midway College e-mail address, and provide us with that address in the space provided on the ecampus form. When you register for your first course, an automatic request for your Midway College e-mail address will be generated. Within three business days, your e-mail address should be created, and a notification sent to the personal e-mail address you provided when you enrolled in Midway College. If you have any problem receiving your new e-mail address, you may send a request for help to