Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to attend tutoring sessions in the Writing Lab?
A: The Writing Center is an absolutely free service to any and all enrolled Midway College students. The only cost is a little of your time!

Q: I am an SCD student, is the Writing Center an available resource for me?
A: The Writing Center is a service available to all students. Due to the SCD student’s evening schedule it may not be possible for him or her to visit the Writing Center during regularly scheduled operational hours. However, arrangements can be made with tutors to set up an appointment that fits within a student’s schedule or to have papers emailed to tutors for review. It is encouraged that every effort be made to arrange a face-to-face appointment with a Writing Center tutor but, if that cannot be arranged, students are encourage to call the Writing Center for one-on-one phone conferencing.

Q: Do I have to schedule appointment?
A: Appointments are not required; however it is first come, first serve! It is encouraged that if you have a lengthy paper or assignment, that you schedule an appointment with a tutor. Please consult the Writing Center schedule for operational hours and available tutors.

Q: Can I be paired with a tutor who knows my topic?
A: Students are encouraged to seek discipline-based assistance from their respective professor. Writing Center tutors help you learn how to express your thoughts to a non-specialist reader. Our tutors serve as sounding-boards, careful readers, and helpful critics.

Q: What happens during a tutoring session?
A: The best way to start off any tutoring session is to come prepared. In other words, come in with an idea of the kind of help you would like. The tutor will try to listen to your needs and concerns and focus the session around those issues. The tutor will most likely request to see the assignment and to hear about or read any feedback your professors have given you regarding your writing. The tutor will discuss your writing with you, which may consist of asking more questions about your ideas and getting you to talk through any problems that you may have in your draft. If you haven’t started on a draft of your paper, the tutor can assist you in brainstorming and organizing your thoughts and ideas.