Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is an academic support program designed to provide all Midway College students assistance with improving their written communication skills. The goal of the Writing Lab is to aid students in developing effective writing strategies so that they may think more critically and become astute readers of both their own as well as others writings. While the Writing Lab is not an editing or proofreading service, tutors can help students learn strategies for improving sentences and checking mechanics. Tutors can aid students in any part of the writing process, from getting started, to developing a clear and concise thesis, structuring an argument, strengthening a conclusion, documentation and citation of sources, or revising a draft. The Writing Lab is open four days a week, Monday through Thursday. Student tutors are selected based on their writing skills and their academic records. The Writing Lab schedule varies from semester to semester. The schedule is posted on the Writing Lab door and on the bulletin board outside of the student affairs office and the registrar’s office. A copy of the schedule also may be requested by emailing sadkins@midway.edu or by calling (859) 846-6227.

The Writing Lab provides “drop in” services to Midway College day and evening students. However, because there are a limited number of tutors, students are encouraged to call extension 5763 to make an appointment. Students may also sign up for times on the schedule posted on the Writing Lab door. Students may choose to set up a weekly or bi-weekly “standing appointment” with a writing tutor. Often times, students feel a bit confused as to the nature of an academic assignment, so visitors to the Writing Lab are encouraged to bring copies of class assignments with them. All visitors to the Writing Lab should have an idea what they want to write about (for prewriting assistance) or a hard copy of a written draft. Writing Lab tutors are also sensitive to the needs of students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities.

A special note: In general, the details of Writing Lab sessions are kept private. However, when students come to the Writing Lab, they will be asked to name the professor and the class for whom/which they are writing a particular paper. Professors are notified when their students come into the Writing Lab and sent a brief note detailing the highlights of any given tutoring session. Students are permitted to request a copy of any correspondence sent to a professor.