Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a copy/print code?
A: Students need a personal print/copy code issued by the Information Systems department in order to use any printer or copier on campus.

Q: How do I obtain a print/copy code?
A: Email to obtain a print/copy code. Please note: if you have any type of “hold” on your student account, you will not be provided an active account code until your account is clear & confirmed by the Midway College Business Office. Print/copy codes will be sent to your Midway email account (not to a personal email account).

Q: How do I obtain credit for print/copy pages and what is the cost?
A: Copies are .05 each. Contact the Midway College Business Office at or call (859) 846-5803, 5411, or 5402 to purchase print/copy credit.

Q: Where can I utilize my print/copy code?
A: Midway College students may utilize their print/copy code in the Little Memorial Library, the Anne Hart Raymond Center (Second floor), and Learning Resource Center (001 corridor area, rooms 106, 107, & 208).

Q: What should I do if I cannot print or copy?
A: Using your Midway College email, send a message to, provide your name and Midway student number (6-digit; no SSN’s please) and the specific problem you are experiencing.