Vehicle Registration and Parking Information

Midway College offers on-campus parking for both commuters and on-campus residents. See below for information regarding parking rules and regulations.

Parking Permits

• All campus residents and day commuters must purchase a parking permit. SCD evening/weekend commuters receive a parking permit at no charge.
• Parking in open parking instead of getting a permit is prohibited – you will get ticketed
• If you drive more than one vehicle, EACH OF THEM MUST HAVE A PERMIT. Your permit is assigned to a certain vehicle and yourself only – you cannot share permits.
• If you sell/trade your current car, you must notify the business office the first day the new car is on campus.
• Do not allow anyone else to use your permit- it is only valid when the registered driver uses it.
• If your permit is stolen or lost, notify the Campus Safety Department so you will not receive a violation, you must buy another one immediately
• Replacement permits are not sold at a discounted price

Where to Park After Business Hours

• At no time may you park in the following areas – Fleet Lot and 24 hour reserved parking. Parking in a space designated for disabled drivers is by permit only.
• You must display a parking permit when parking in the following areas after business hours:
• Visitor parking – open parking 5:00 PM Friday to 7:00 Monday MUST DISPLAY PERMIT
• Faculty / Staff Parking – open after 5:00 PM MUST DISPLAY PERMIT
• Resident Student Lots – Open after 7:00 AM Saturday through 4:00 PM Sunday MUST DISPLAY PERMIT
• Commuter lots – Open Parking after 5:00 PM MUST DISPLAY PERMIT
• Vehicles parked before 5:00 PM in areas that become open parking at 5:00 PM will be ticketed

These may be used for College guests coming after hours

Visitor Parking

• ALL visitors to campus are to use the parking spaces designated as Visitor Parking. This will result in more open spots for students in their lots.
• Visitor parking is located in the circle parking area beside Pinkerton Hall, and in the parking lot beside Anne Hart Raymond Center.
• Any visitor staying for more than an hour must notify Campus Safety, they will then guide you to a more long term spot.
• Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for notifying their visitors of these requirements and Campus Safety.

Parking Violations

Failure to Display Permits $15
Parking in Wrong Designated Area $10
Parking in Reserved Spaces $25
Unauthorized use of Disabled Spaces $25*
Parking in Fire Lanes $15*
Blocking Dumpsters $15*
Parking on the Grass $15*
Parking in No Parking Area $10
Parking in Visitor Parking $10
Parking in Restricted Area $15
Blocking Other Vehicles $10
Creating a Traffic Hazard $10

*indicates the possibility of being towed


• If you feel as though you have been unfairly ticketed or towed, you may file an appeal at the Office of Student Affairs within 7 days.
• The following parking violations may not be appealed:
• Parking in Visitor Parking
• Blocking Fire Lanes
• Unauthorized use of Disabled Spaces
• Parking in Reserved Spaces
• Appeals received after 7 days will not be considered

Other Parking Reminders

• Always lock your vehicle.
• If you loan your vehicle to someone, you will still be responsible for any citation issued to it.
• Do not assume that because other vehicles are parked illegally that you may do so also.
• Do not park in an unauthorized area with hazard light flashing. This will not prevent you from receiving a citation.
• The blue striped lines beside disabled spaces are not parking spaces.
• All vehicles parked on Campus must display a valid vehicle registration permit. This includes open parking after normal business hours.
• There is a 15 mph speed limit on Campus.

Parking Map