Math Lab

The Math Laboratory at Midway College provides free-of-charge tutorial assistance in mathematics for any current Midway College student, even if the student is not currently enrolled in a math course. It is open to both students of the Day College and to those in the School for Career Development.

The goal of our tutors is to not simply provide answers to homework problems, but to provide an understanding of concepts and problem-solving methods in their coursework. We also advise students to seek help as soon as difficulties develop, as success in “getting back on track” is made more likely.

The schedule of tutors and their location (most often in the facilities of the Anne Hart Raymond Center) is posted at several locations on campus and can also be requested via e-mail to the supervisor of the service, Mr. Robert Day (ext. 6007, Room AHR 219), at .
It staffed by both math instructors and students. Student tutors must have satisfactorily completed math courses though algebra, and must have completed or be currently enrolled in calculus.

No appointments are necessary (this is a walk-in service) although the student may be able to establish an appointment separate from the schedule, depending on circumstances. Students are asked to bring their assignment(s) and textbook(s). Although calculators are available, we recommend the student bring their own calculator, as it is likely to be more familiar to them. We often show students how to make better use of their calculators as well.