Student Development Center

Welcome to the Student Development Center

The Student Development Center is a dynamic student space within the Little Memorial Library that offers tools and academic opportunities for all Midway College students to develop their full learning potential. In full partnership as faculty, staff, and student, the Student Development Center provides a full range of academic support including peer tutoring, group study, writing assistance, math assistance, academic coaching, test preparation, and help with study skills and test anxiety. Our goal is to foster and promote independent learning and strengthen academic life for college and beyond, empowering our students and their future.

Natasha Ramsey
Director of the Student Development Center
(859) 846-6227

Check Us Out in Room 110, Little Memorial Library!

Our Resources and Services

  • Peer tutoring
  • Group Tutoring Schedule Spring 2015
  • Test-prep
  • Study skills workshops
  • ACT, Praxis, CLEP guides
  • Exam Proctoring
  • Writing Lab
  • Tools

    GPA Calculator
    Math Tutorials