Student Government Association (SGA)


The students of Midway College have an important and integral responsibility in institutional decision making. It is the philosophy of the student services staff to provide opportunities for students to be involved in making decisions and determining processes, especially in issues pertaining to student affairs and the well-being of the college.

Students are formally represented within the institution through the Student Government Association, whose officers are elected annually by the student body. The student services staff works with SGA officers to ensure student representation and voice within the institution.

Student representatives are appointed to serve on several important institutional committees. Students also serve on the judiciary board, which reviews cases involving nonacademic violations of the code of student conduct. The board consists of the director of student services, an appointed faculty or staff member and three students, two of whom are elected by their peers to serve a one-year term. The third student member is the vice president of the Student Government Association. These peer adjudicators review testimony, hear witnesses and make recommendations on what disciplinary actions are appropriate and necessary.

SGA is the organization that serves as an intermediary for the consideration of college challenges that are of vital interest to both students and the faculty and staff. SGA strives to develop principles of democratic self-government, while encouraging and promoting cooperation between faculty, staff, administration and students. All students enrolled at Midway College are members of SGA. Elections are held throughout the year for representative positions. SGA meetings are held regularly and student attendance is encouraged and welcomed. SGA serves as the "umbrella" association for all student organizations.