Residential Living

What to Bring With You to Campus

• Computer —two wired network connections and wireless are provided in each residence hall room
• Computer cables/Network Cards
• Waste Basket
• Decorations —these might be posters, curtains, etc. Bring sticky tack to hang posters; no nails allowed.
• Refrigerator (maximum size: four (4) cubic feet)
• Television, VCR and/or DVD —there is a TV in the main lobby for all residents to use. Basic cable service is provided in the rooms. Additionally, make sure you bring a cable cord to connect to the cable in the room.
• UL Approved Power Strips —these are multiple outlet devices with their own fuses (e.g. the ones you use for computer equipment). No extension cords!
• Alarm Clock (battery backup recommended)
• Cleaning Products —for all residents—some cleaning products should be brought to help keep your room clean; for Belle Wisdom residents--you are responsible for keeping your bathroom clean.
• Shower Curtain (if living in Belle Wisdom Hall)
• Dishes, Silverware, and Cooking Utensils (Belle Wisdom Hall has its own kitchen)

What Not To Bring With You

• Microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, or anything else with an open coil or burner.
• Halogen lamps
• Incense and Candles
• Animals other than Fish in tanks smaller than ten gallons