Frequently Asked Questions

Computers and Network Connections

Q: Can I connect to the Internet from the residence hall or in other campus buildings?
A: Midway College provides wireless Internet access in the residence halls, Anne Hart Raymond Center, Learning Resource Center, Little Memorial Library, Marrs Hall, McManis Student Center, & Pinkerton Hall.

Q: How can I connect to the Internet wirelessly?
A: Select Ethostream Wireless Network Connection. When connected go to the web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Safari). You will be redirected from your home page to the Ethostream username/password screen. Type the following username: guest -- Type the following password: education – Next click OK. You should then be able to access other websites.

Q: How can I connect to the Internet if I do not have wireless?
A: If you have an Ethernet/LAN connection on your desktop or laptop, email and provide your name, a contact telephone number, your resident hall, & room number. Please also specify if you have an Apple Macbook/desktop (email and provide the Ethernet “MAC” address) or specify what the manufacturer is. Additionally, make sure you have Up to Date Microsoft Windows XP or higher version Operating System, updated Anti-Virus (checks for updates daily) and Anti-Spyware installed on your computer. Also, activate your firewall protection (Windows XP/Vista). Also, when connecting your computer in the residence hall, you will be required to download the Cisco Clean Access agent (security software). Instructions for setup of hall PCs to the campus network/Internet is provided by Student Affairs during move-in day.

Telephones and Voicemail

Q: What will I need for telephone service and long distance calls?
A: Each residence hall room has one telephone connection. Local telephone service and telephone are provided. Cell phone or calling cards are required for long distance calls. Note: Pre-paid calling cards are sold in the Business Office.
Q: Does the college provide voicemail?
A: Yes. If you share a room with another student, you will share the telephone connection and voicemail with that student. Instruction sheets will be available through your Residence Assistant located on each floor.

Cable Television

Q: Is cable television provided in the residence hall rooms?
A: Yes, one cable hookup is provided in each room. Cable television services are provided by Time Warner Cable.
Q: Can I get additional channels added to my room?
A: A minimum of channels are provided to each room. Any student wishing to receive other services or extra channels should contact Time Warner Cable.