Writing the Perfect Resume

General Resume Tips

• Proofread!
• Type the address on the envelope you mail your application in.
• Uses a large envelope…do not fold your resume.
• Use bullets of information not paragraphs.
• Do not use slang or abbreviations.
• Use 8 1/2 x 11 white or off white paper only.
• Do not exceed one page in length.
• Print only on one side of the paper.
• Use Arial or Times New Roman fonts only.
• Additionally, choose one font and stick to it.
• Use your cover letter to enhance your resume, not as a venue to repeat everything that you already stated.

Make sure you list the name that you want to be called. Bold or capitalize your name using a font slightly larger font than the rest of your resume. Tradition holds that your name be centered on the page but many choose to right justify their name so that it remains visible even if it is placed in a folder.

Make sure that the address you provide is reliable. If you’re still at school or your address is still in transition, put a current address and a permanent address so that potential employers will be able to be in contact with you.

Prospective employers expect you to have a professional looking email account. Do not use work emails and avoid school accounts. Get a personal email account from your internet provider or from a free service such as Hotmail or Yahoo, and make sure that you check your e-mail on a regular basis.

Phone Number(s)
A phone number is a must! If your number is going to be changing soon, list the number of a reliable friend or family member willing to serve as your personal answering service. If you don’t have an answering machine, invest in one. If you use an answering machine or voicemail messages, remember no funny business. Employers don’t what to hear jokes or music playing the background; they just want to hear a polite and professional prompt instructing them that you will return their call.

You want to list your degrees from most recent to least recent. If you have your bachelor’s degree there is no need to list your high school diploma anymore. If your degree comes with a certification (i.e. education), be sure to list what you are certified to do.

Work History
How you list your work history depends on the format of your resume. You want to be sure to list the information in chronological order. Internship experiences can be included in this area of your resume.

Job Objective
Job objectives tell employers what kind of job you are looking for. Objectives should be brief and no more than two lines long.

Describes the type of job you’re interested in applying.

The name the job title you’re interested in applying.