Athletics Treatment & Clinic Rules

01. Report all injuries and illnesses to the athletic trainer for evaluation and/or instruction.

02. Treat your athletic trainer, AT work-study students, and fellow athletes with respect at all times.

03. The AT Clinic is a healthcare facility and a place of business. Shoes are to be worn at all times unless otherwise directed. Profanity is prohibited and “horseplay” will not be tolerated.

04. Always sign in! (Sign in is located on the blue file cabinet inside the doorway)

05. Evaluations and treatments will only be administered during designated Clinic hours or by appointment with the AT staff.

06. Be on time for any scheduled treatments. The AT staff reserves the right to refuse treatment if a student-athlete is late or misses a pre-practice or other treatment.

07. Do not wear cleats, spikes, barn boots, or bring playing equipment inside the Clinic.

08. No food or drinks allowed (including in the trash) with the exception of water bottles with lids.

09. Do not operate any equipment located in the Clinic.

10. No items or equipment are to be removed from the Clinic without permission from the Head Athletic Trainer (Head AT).

11. The AT staff is responsible for multiple sports simultaneously. The student-athlete should allow ample time prior to practice for treatments, rehabilitation, or taping with this in mind. The AT staff will not be responsible for the student-athlete being tardy to practice due to treatment in the Clinic.

12. Empty ice bags and throw away after use.

13. Clean up after yourself (ex: towels in laundry basket after use) and return other items where and how you found them.

14. The AT Clinic is reserved for athletes with injuries. If you are not injured, here for evaluation, treatment, or taping, you are respectfully requested to refrain from being in the Clinic.

15. Personal items should be left in the locker or dorm rooms. The AT staff is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

16. The Head AT and/or the team physicians have the final authority to restrict a student-athlete from participation for medical reasons.

17. All student-athletes are required to provide documentation of an annual sports physical, a detailed medical history, insurance information, and have all other AT Clinic paperwork on file in the Clinic & processed by the Head AT prior to participation in any practices or competitive events.

18. Any changes in ability to participate, insurance coverage, or medical history should be reported to the Head AT.

19. The student-athlete’s personal insurance is the primary provider for all injuries and illnesses. If an injury is directly related to intercollegiate sport participation, Midway College (MC) will provide secondary payment up to $2000/injury. MC does not provide coverage for pre-existing injuries, illnesses, or non-athletic injuries or illnesses.

20. The student-athlete is responsible for all costs associated with any expenses that might occur as a result of the sports pre-participation examination.

21. A physician evaluation or second opinion may be obtained only with the knowledge and consent of the Head AT. MC will not be responsible for any cost associated with an unapproved physician evaluation or second opinion. Treatment for injuries seen by unapproved medical evaluation is at the discretion of the Head AT.

22. The AT staff reserves the right to NOT COVER events that have been changed to a different time without adequate notice. The Head AT must be notified as soon as possible by the coach so attempts to accommodate the request can be made. A MINIMUM of 24 hours is requested for all schedule changes.