President’s Circle Donor Society

The President’s Circle recognizes a distinguished group of donors to Midway College. Through their gifts, these donors express the same compassion and generosity that has grounded this institution for over 160 years.

Our students have always been served in a unique way. Female orphan students attended Midway dating back to 1849 when they had very little safety net and nowhere else to turn. Today more than 90% of our students rely on financial assistance, and adult students, who have traditionally been isolated from higher educational offerings, are becoming nurses and teachers due to the accessibility of Midway College’s School for Career Development in remote communities.

Yes, compassion and generosity are the unique qualities that have driven the Midway College mission since Dr. L.L. Pinkerton founded this institution in 1847. It is these two characteristics that make a Midway College private education special. Midway College is more than an institution of higher education; it is an institution of service to our greater community.

It is the College’s intention to recognize those donors who share these same qualities of compassion and generosity. The President’s Circle recognizes all donors who give $1,000 annually to Midway College.

The President’s Circle is a special place at Midway College.