Schedule a Campus Visit

Schedule a Campus Visit

If you are considering enrolling in our Women’s College, then schedule a campus visit to get a sense of life on our beautiful campus.

Spend a morning or afternoon on campus with us. Your visit will include a meeting with an Admissions Counselor and a campus tour. You may also choose to meet with a financial aid counselor, a faculty person from your program of study, or sit in on a class.

Submit your campus visit request now.

If you are a student athlete looking to see if Midway University’s Eagles Athletics is the right fit, we invite you to visit our Eagles Recruitment Center at There you can learn about our athletic programs and complete a quick recruitment form and connect with our coaches. Student athletes in basketball, golf, soccer, softball and volleyball can also register on the NAIA Eligibility Center and share their information with Midway through that system.

Midway University hosts special recruitment day events by sport so if you are interested in Eagles Athletics fill out one of our recruitment forms or applications and we’ll keep you posted on these opportunities.