Summer Financial Aid

The summer term is considered an extension of the prior academic year for financial aid purposes. Pell Grant funding may be available to eligible students who did not receive the maximum Pell award during the fall or spring semesters. Students who have borrowed at the maximum Direct Loan amounts for the year will not have remaining eligibility for the summer term. Summer applicants should familiarize themselves with annual Direct Loan limits to determine if they have already exhausted annual eligibility. Students may access loan limit information on the Federal Student Aid website.

Students must complete FAFSA applications ( for both years that cover the summer term for which they are taking classes in order to receive the most complete summer financial aid package possible.

Summer FAFSA Application Example
If you are taking summer courses in Summer 2016, you would complete the 2015-16 and the 2016-17 FAFSAs. Students who would graduate in December 2016 may have the summer term included as part of the upcoming academic year in order to maximize financial aid funds.

Consortium Agreements: If you will take courses at another institution during the summer term, you will need to complete a consortium agreement. Once you have completed the student portion of the agreement, please submit it to the “visiting institution”.

Please follow ALL steps below to apply for summer financial aid:
1. Register for all summer courses
2. Complete the two separate year FAFSA applications.
3. If taking courses at another institution, complete a consortium agreement
4. Submit a Financial Aid Summer Application to the Financial Aid Office

The 2016 Financial Aid Summer Application will become available when registration for the summer term opens.

You will receive notice of a Summer Financial Aid Award Offer by email at your Midway University address. Please keep in mind that adding or dropping summer courses at any time during the summer term will affect your eligibility for summer financial aid, even if aid has already disbursed to your account. Changes in enrollment should be discussed in advance with our office to determine financial impact.


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