B.A. in Secondary English Education (8-12)

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Traditional Day ProgramsWC
Evening & Weekend ProgramsSCD
Online ProgramsON
Graduate ProgramsGRAD


Are you a lover of literature? Does teaching English to high school students sound like an interesting career? At Midway College in Kentucky, you can earn your secondary education degree and become an English teacher through our secondary English education major. Available through both our Women’s College and online through our accelerated adult undergraduate program, this B.A. in secondary education is designed to help you meet the requirements to be an English teacher while learning the skills and knowledge you need to teach English at the eighth- through 12th-grade levels

While core curriculum develops your general knowledge in the areas of Critical Thinking, Literacy, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Art and Humanities, and the Social Sciences; elective coursework explores the arts of language and literature in depth.

English course requirements include:

• Introduction to Literature
• Linguistics & History of the English Language
• World Literature
• Professional Writing
• Studies in American Literature
• Studies in British Literature
• Shakespeare
• And more

Upon completion of this secondary teacher education program, you will be ready to seek certification to be a teacher in Kentucky.

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 34-40
Education Major Requirements* 34
Introduction to the Teaching Profession EDU 100 1
Introduction to Education EDU 103 2
Introduction to Secondary Education EDU 130 1
Technology in the Education Setting EDU 201 3
Teaching and Learning I EDU 210 3
Integrating Culture and Diversity into the Classroom EDU 314 3
The Exceptional Child and Legal Aspects of Special Education EDU 315 3
Secondary School Language Arts EDU 332 3
Writing and Literacy in the Content EDU 338 3
Teaching and Learning II EDU 360 3
Secondary Reading and Arts Methods EDU 404 3
Student Teaching EDU 498 12
Human Growth and Development PSY 260 3
Secondary English Course Requirements 27
College Writing I ENG 101 3
College Writing II ENG 102 3
Introduction to Literature ENG 210 3
Linguistics and History of the English Language ENG 300 3
World Literature ENG 305 3
Professional Writing ENG 312 3
Studies in American Literature ENG 313 and ENG 315 6
Studies in British Literature ENG 327 and ENG 328 6
Adolescent Literature ENG 341 3
Shakespeare ENG 405 3
Electives 19-25
Total 120

*A minimum grade of “C” in each course required for graduation.

In addition to the requirements above, you must also achieve each of the following:
• Admission into the Program – Portfolio Review
• 200 hours of Field Placement
• Multicultural Field Placement (6 diversity hours)
• Acceptance for Student Teaching – Portfolio Review
• Completion of Personal Portfolio
• TB Test
• Liability Insurance
• Praxis scores as established by the Kentucky Department of Education