B.A. in Secondary Biology Education

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Do you have an interest in becoming a biology teacher? If so, you may want to consider earning your B.A. in secondary education with an emphasis in biology. Only available through our Women’s College, this secondary education degree is designed to help you become a middle or high school biology teacher who’s able to teach grades 8 through 12.

During your core courses, you will develop your general knowledge in the areas of mathematics, critical thinking, literacy, natural sciences, art and humanities, and the social sciences. You will also learn the skills and teaching strategies you need to become an effective teacher in and outside the classroom.

As you move into your elective coursework, you will become well-versed in all elements of teaching high school biology. This means you will take biology course requirements such as:

• General Biology I
• General Biology II
• Principles of Botany
• General Zoology
• Medical Vocabulary
• Microbiology
• Genetics and Molecular Biology
• Ethical Issues in Science
• Senior Biological Research
• And more

Upon completion of this secondary education teacher program, you will be ready to seek certification to be a teacher in Kentucky.

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Education Major Requirements* 39
Introduction to the Teaching Profession (EDU 100) 2
Introduction to Education (EDU 103) 2
Diversity in the Classroom (EDU 104) 1
Introduction to Secondary Education (EDU 130) 1
Technology in the Educational Setting (EDU/CS 201) 3
Societal Issues in Today's Schools (EDU 206) 3
Teaching and Learning I (EDU 210) 3
The Exceptional Child and Legal Aspects of Special Education (EDU 315) 3
Teaching and Learning II (EDU 360) 3
Methods in Secondary Science Education (EDU 401) 3
Human Growth and Development (PSY 260) 3
Student Teaching (EDU 498) 12
Biology Secondary Education Requirements** 28
General Biology I (BIO 103) with lab (BIO 104) 4
General Biology II (BIO 105) with lab (BIO 106) 4
Principles of Botany (BIO 180) with lab (BIO 181) or
General Zoology (BIO 304) with lab (BIO 305) 4
Medical Vocabulary (BIO 204) 2
Microbiology (BIO 225) with lab (BIO 226) 4
Genetics and Molecular Biology (BIO 325) 3
Ethical Issues in Science (BIO 401) 3
Introduction to Biological Research (BIO 405) 1
Senior Biological Research (BIO 488) 3
Supporting Requirements* 14
Principles of Physics and Laboratory (PSC 103 and PSC 104) 4
General Chemistry I and Laboratory (CHEM 170 and 171) 5
General Chemistry II and Laboratory (CHEM 175 and 176) 5
Electives 6
Total 124

*A minimum grade of "C" in all major courses required for graduation.

**Students pursuing a BA in Business Administration, Biology or Psychology must take MA 140 rather than MA 137.

In addition to the requirements above, you must also achieve each of the following:
• Admission into the Program – Portfolio Review
• 200 hours of Field Placement
• Multicultural Field Placement (6 diversity hours)
• Acceptance for Student Teaching – Portfolio Review
• Completion of Personal Portfolio
• TB Test
• Liability Insurance
• Praxis scores as established by the Kentucky Department of Education