B.A. in Middle School Education (5-9)

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Have you considered teaching middle school students? Earn your Bachelor’s degree in education through Midway College’s program, and learn how to teach middle school students, grades 5-9. Graduates will meet the middle school teaching requirements for certification in Kentucky and, through a reciprocity agreement, also meet the teaching degree requirements in some other states.

Each middle school teaching student must have one area of academic emphasis. Students may be able to meet the requirements for a minor while at the same time meeting the requirements for an area of emphasis.

Areas of emphasis are available in:

• English/Communications
• Mathematics
• Social Studies
• Science

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Education Major Requirements* 35
Introduction to the Teaching Profession (EDU 100) 2
Introduction to Education (EDU 103) 2
Diversity in the Classroom (EDU 104) 1
Technology in the Educational Setting (EDU/CS 201) 3
Societal Issues in Today's Schools (EDU 206) 3
Teaching and Learning I and II (EDU 210 and EDU 360) 6
The Exceptional Child and Legal Aspects of Special Education (EDU 315) 3
Human Growth and Development (PSY 260) 3
Student Teaching (EDU 498) 12
Middle School Requirements* 19
Introduction to Middle School Education (EDU 106) 1
Children’s Literature and Related Materials (EDU 240) 3
Mathematics for Teachers I (MA 201) 3
Mathematics for Teachers II (MA 302) 3
Integrating Culture and Diversity into the Classroom (EDU 314) 3
Language Arts Teaching Methods (EDU 316) 3
Reading Teaching Methods (EDU 317) 3
Electives: (as needed to total 124 hours for graduation) 3
5-9 Area of Academic Emphasis (See Below) 24

A minimum grade of “C” in each course required for graduation.

Area of academic emphasis

A minimum of 24 semester hours must be earned in academic areas of emphasis as described below. Courses may be used to meet general education requirements and areas of academic emphasis; however, students must also satisfy upper level course requirements for graduation. Specific courses are required to help prepare students for the Praxis II specialized subject tests.

The areas of academic emphasis are met in the following:

Requirements for area of academic emphasis

  Semester Hours
*English/Communication 24
English Composition I (ENG 101) 3
English Composition II (ENG 102) 3
Introduction to Literature (ENG 210) 3
Children's Literature (EDU 240) 3
Linguistics (ENG 300) 3
American Literature (ENG 313) 3
British Literature (ENG 327) 3
Adolescent Literature (ENG 341) 3
*Mathematics 29-30
College Algebra (MA 140) 3
Finite Mathematics (MA 145) 3
Math for Teachers I (MA 201) 3
Calculus and Trigonometry I (MA 220) 5
Calculus II (MA 222) or approved Math course 3-4
Geometry (MA 230) 3
Probability and Statistics (MA 245) 3
Math for Teachers II (MA 302) 3
Science and Math Teaching Methods (EDU 318) 3
*Sciences 30
General Biology I (BIO 103) 3
General Biology I Lab (BIO 104) 1
General Biology II (BIO 105) 3
General Biology II Lab (BIO 106) 1
Principles of Environmental Science (ENV 201) 3
General Chemistry I (CHEM 170) 3
General Chemistry I Lab (CHEM 171) 1
General Chemistry II (CHEM 175) 3
General Chemistry II Lab (CHEM 176) 1
Earth Science (PSC 101) 3
Earth Science Lab (PSC 102) 1
Principles of Physics (PSC 103) 3
Principles of Physics Lab (PSC 104) 1
Science and Math Teaching Methods (EDU 318) 3
*Social Studies 24
U.S. History I (HIS 140) 3
U.S. History II (HIS 141) 3
Geography (SS 110) 3
American Government (GOVT 201) 3
Economics (BA 220) 3
The Ancient World (HUM 201) 3
The Modern World (HUM 202) 3
Sociology (SOC 120) 3
Social Studies Teaching Methods (EDU 319) 3

**Student has choice of Chemistry 9 credit hours plus Physics 4 credit hours or vise versa.