The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) at Midway

What is a QEP?
A QEP is a five-year action plan developed by the college community to improve an aspect of student learning or the environment for student success.

Why are we doing a QEP?
The QEP is part of the College’s accreditation process. The regional accrediting body, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) requires its member institutions to develop and implement a five-year plan that describes a detailed action plan that addresses a well-defined and focused topic or issue pertaining to the enhancement of student learning outcomes or the student learning environment.

QEP Summary
In the spring of 2013 several meetings were held involving the faculty, administration, and staff of Midway College to try to identify a means to better the College’s student learning outcomes. Four streams of thought for a possible Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) topic: (1) advising, (2) communication, (3) retention, and (4) Writing Across the Curriculum (WRAC). Based on student feedback data from: the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), student satisfaction surveys, polls of non-returning students, retention rates, timely completion rates, and input from the Board of Trustees, the decision was made in November 2013 to make advising / retention the QEP topic.

Best practices have been identified and will be implemented beginning in summer 2015, with full implementation and all resources completed for fall 2015. The QEP team has chosen the theme “Because We CARE – Comprehensive Advising Reaches Everyone” to identify the QEP.

Student learning outcomes resulting from the implementation of the QEP are:
• Students will know their academic responsibility through the advising process;
• Students will be able to identify and contact their advisors;
• Students will understand the importance of academic advising;
• Students will have multiple contacts with their advisor within their first semester at Midway College;
• Students will construct a degree audit / plan for their academic programs / course of study by the end of their first year at Midway.

Advising Mission Statement
Midway College’s Academic Advising program prepares students for a quality education, and Academic Advising remains a critical component throughout every student’s college experience. A collaborative mentoring relationship between advisor and student guides learners in the development and implementation of comprehensive educational plans which promote personal values, goals and career paths.

Academic Advising Definition
Academic Advising is a collaborative relationship in which students seek and receive guidance in regard to academic program planning and life goals. Important educational planning is well-suited with student's life goals, therefore academic advising includes conversation of life goals and supports the progressive process of developing these. The eventual responsibility for reaching decisions about academic plans and goals rests with each undergraduate. For academic advisors, assisting students develop life goals means: (1) aiding students discover and delineate educational and career goals in an atmosphere of mutual respect and learning, (2) encouraging students to think critically concerning decisions, (3) helping learners explore and find resources, and (4) following through with action plans. The outcome is that students connect with the advisor and develop personal accountability for making decisions.
The QEP team looks forward to leading the College’s effort to improve academic advising and help undergraduate students succeed. “Because we C.A.R.E. (Comprehensive Advising Reaches Everyone)” is an opportunity for the College to achieve its mission and fulfill its strategic plan.