B.A. in Psychology

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A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Midway College requires a total of 124 credit hours. Thirty-seven of those hours will be general requirements, 36 credit hours in psychology requirements and three credit hours in supporting requirements in order to earn a major in Psychology.

Please see the breakdown below of credit hours.

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Psychology Requirements 36
General Psychology (PSY180) 3
Human Growth and Development (PSY 260) 3
Social Psychology (PSY 312) 3
Physiological Psychology (PSY 315) 3
Abnormal Psychology (PSY 320) 3
Personality and Adjustment (PSY 330) 3
Counseling Theory and Techniques (PSY 337) 3
Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 355) 3
History and Systems of Psychology (PSY 401) 3
The Psychology Profession (PSY 405) 3
Community Service and Leadership (PSY 410) 3
Senior Project Demonstrating Excellent (PSY 415) 3
Choose two of the following 6
Patterns of Human Sexuality (PSY 301) 3
Industrial / Organizational Psychology (PSY 302) 3
Psychology of Gender (PSY 321) 3
Learning (PSY 325) 3
Cognition (PSY 335) 3
Forensic Psychology (PSY 350) 3
Supporting Requirements 3
Probability and Statistics (MA 245) 3
Electives 45
Total 124

*Minimum grade of "C" required for graduation.


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