B.S. in Nursing for Registered Nurses (RN – BSN Completion Program)

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If you’re looking for nursing programs online/blended or on campus, consider the RN – BSN program at Midway College. This accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offers registered nurses and ADN graduates a seamless transition into more advanced course work. Our curriculum combines general education courses with professional nursing theory, complex critical thinking and nontraditional clinical practice. Consistent with the mission and goals of the college, our accredited nursing programs prepare nurses as leaders who can provide health care to individuals, families, groups and populations of diverse cultures in a variety of settings.

Students entering the RN-BSN program are registered nurses who have previously earned either an Associate degree or diploma in nursing and have a current RN license. This track consists of upper division level coursework. Two tracks are available: a 12-month accelerated format (must have General Education and support courses completed) or a two-year format. The accelerated track can help you enter the workforce up to a year earlier than traditional BSN students at other schools.

Our online blended RN-BSN program is flexible to allow registered nurses the opportunity to continue in the workforce while earning a Bachelor’s degree. Online/blended format courses meet two to three times during the course. Online courses do not meet face-to-face. However, students may schedule appointments with faculty as needed.


The nursing programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc., 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326, (404) 975-5000, Fax (404) 975-5020 (www.acenursing.org). The Associate Degree Nursing Program also has full approval by the Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN), 212 Whittington Parkway, Suite 300, Louisville, Kentucky, 40222, (502) 429-3300, FAX (502) 429-331 (www.kbn.ky.gov).

BSN requirements for nursing school

For acceptance into the RN-BSN program the student must meet the following criteria:
1. Complete application for admission to the college (unless continuing directly from the Midway Campus ADN program).
2. Submit official college and high school transcripts as required.
3. Must hold a current RN license. Will be verified by Nursing Department.
4. Be accepted by the college and complete an admission interview with the chairperson of the program or designee.
5. Submit a current resume.
6. Be a graduate from an ADN or diploma program. Graduates of diploma nursing programs must complete the NLN Acceleration Challenge Exam to have nursing courses converted to college credit hours. This is a college requirement. Cost of the NLN Acceleration Challenge Exam is the responsibility of the student.
7. Have a GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, (2.0 or a 4.0 scale for Midway College ADN graduates).
8. Provide evidence of current clinical practice within the last five years via:
a. Graduation certificate from a school of nursing within the past two years
b. Work experience preferred.
9. Provide evidence of satisfactory clinical performance. The Student Reference and Evaluation form must be received from current nursing employer or from the ADN or diploma nursing program faculty for applicants who have graduated within the last year.

After students completing BSN admission criteria, students may be admitted to the college and granted an interview with the chairperson (or designee) of the BSN program.

BSN Program Criteria (applicable to all BSN students)

The student must meet the following criteria:
1. Provide transportation to practicum facilities.
2. Satisfy all college requirements for graduation.
3. Provide evidence of immunization or immunity to rubella, rubeola and mumps (MMR) and hepatitis, proof of varicella immunization or immunity, current negative PPD tuberculin test, current CPR certification, and current RN license prior to the beginning clinical practicum. Most practicum sites require employees and students to provide documentation of influenza vaccination during the flu season.
4. Students are encouraged to be employed in the health care setting while enrolled in classes.
5. A minimum grade of “C” is required in all nursing courses.
6. All graduation requirements for General Education and Nursing must be completed prior to Nursing 460.

*Requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing for Registered Nurses

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 34
All graduation requirements for General Education must be completed prior to nursing courses.
BSN Nursing Requirements* 70
Nursing I NSG 115 9
Nursing II NSG 120 9
Nursing III NSG 210 9
Nursing IV NSG 225 6
Nursing V NSG 230


Introduction to Professional Nursing NSG 310 3
Pathophysiology NSG 330 3
Health Assessment and Clinical Inference NSG 340 3
Pharmacology NSG 360 3
Adaptation: Advanced Concepts in Acute and Chronic Illness NSG 370 3
Teaching and Learning NSG 390 3
Community Health Nursing NSG 410 4
Nursing Research NSG 430 3
Trends and Issues in Professional Nursing NSG 440 3
Nursing Management and Leadership NSG 460 6
Supporting Requirements 19
Human Growth and Development PSY 260 0
Anatomy and Physiology I BIO 190* (Fulfills Natural Science requirement) 0
Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory BIO 191* (Fulfills Natural Science requirement) 0
Anatomy and Physiology II BIO 198* (Fulfills Natural Science requirement) 0
Microbiology BIO 225 3
Microbiology Laboratory BIO 226 1
Principles of Chemistry CHM 150 3
Probability and Statistics MTH 245 (Prerequisite MTH 140 or higher) 3
Ethics PHI 301 (Fulfills Arts and Humanities requirement) 0
Humanities elective 3
Social Science elective 3
Business elective (300 level or higher) 3
Total 120

* Must earn a grade of "C" or better in all nursing coursework.


Students admitted into the RN-BSN Program must have an ADN degree or be a graduate of a hospital or diploma program and have an unrestricted RN license. Hospital and diploma program graduates must convert their nursing coursework to college credit by successfully completing the NLN Acceleration Challenge Exam. To graduate, students must earn the required number of credit hours.

To learn more about our accelerated nursing programs near Lexington in Kentucky, contact us today. We would be happy to answer your questions about our traditional format program and RN – BSN blended online program.