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Do you ever wonder “Why get an MBA?” Maybe you’re interested in advancing your career, or you want to assume a leadership role, or maybe it is a career change you are looking for. An MBA degree can lead to a higher salary, better career opportunities, new skill and knowledge acquisition, and more. Find out about our MBA program below:

Entrance into MBA Program
• Earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
• If English is not first language then a TOEFL score of 550 (paper based), 213 (computer-based) 79-80 (Internet-based)
• Demonstrates the ability to contribute constructively, creatively, flexibly, and independently to a graduate-level learning community.

Academic Record
The MBA Admissions Committee will examine prior academic performance when evaluating a prospective student’s ability to engage in the academic rigor of the MBA program. Requirements will be:
• An earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
• A score of 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based) or 79-80 (Internet based) or higher on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) will be required of those who are not U.S. citizens and for whom English is not a first language. The TOEFL is offered at several locations within the College’s service area.

The Leadership MBA program is built upon the practice-to-theory-to-practice educational model designed for working adults. The College seeks learners willing to reflect on their business and personal experiences, share their perspectives in the classroom, and contribute to the learning process of others. Candidates of our Master’s in Business will be working adults who can apply the theory of their graduate program to the practice of their current work situation and who can contribute to the team learning environment. A minimal of three years work experience is required.

MBA Interview
The goal will be to recruit candidates who have the ability to contribute constructively, creatively, flexibly and independently to a graduate-level learning community. Personal interviews conducted by the MBA Admissions Committee to access these qualities.

Available through: GRADSCDON

  Semester Hours
Master of Business Administration required courses 30
Leadership and Organizational Courses  
Leadership and Effective Decision Making (BUSM 520) 3
Management Issues (BUSM 530) 3
Organizational Behavior (BUSM 540) 3
Strategy Courses  
Strategic Management (BUSM 500) 3
Strategic Marketing Management (BUSM 600) 3
Global Business (BUSM 620) 3
Business Acumen Courses  
Economic Analysis for Business Decision Making (BUSM 510) 3
Business Law (BUSM 550) 3
Financial Management (BUSM 630) 3
Operations Management (BUSM 640) 3
Total 30

Master of Business Administration (Concentration in Equine Studies)

100% online

All MBA Equine Studies degree candidates share a common core of course work in management, marketing, promotion, economics, research methods, equine entrepreneurship, legal issues, risk management and equine ethics. In addition, each student will complete an extensive individualized capstone course thus permitting each student the opportunity to explore their personalized interests. Whether you are already working in the equine industry or want to gain specialized knowledge to get into the industry this is a great specialization choice.

  Semester Hours
MBA (Concentration in Equine Studies) required courses  
EQS 602 Equine Entrepreneurship 6
EQS 612 Legal Issues and Risk Management in the Equine Industry 6
EQS 622 Ethics and the Equine Industry 6
EQS 632 Marketing and Promotion 6
EQS 642 Equine Studies Capstone 6

Master of Business Administration (Concentration in Health Care Administration)

100% online

The MBA with Health Care Administration specialization degree is designed to prepare business graduates trained for the health care industry. This program will give students an extensive knowledge of business while also focusing on the specializations within the health care industry. Graduates will know how to analyze economic, statistical and quantitative information to make sound business decisions, practice financial management, and effectively identify and address legal and ethical issues that arise in health care.

  Semester Hours
MBA (Concentration in Health Care Administration) required courses  
HCA 602 Advanced Health Care Financial Management 6
HCA 612 Health Care Politics and Policy 6
HCA 622 Advanced Health Care Management 6
HCA 632 Ethics and Management Dilemmas in Health Care 6
HCA 642 Capstone in Health Care 6

Master of Business Administration (Concentration in Sport Management)

100% online

The MBA with Sport management specialization degree is designed to prepare business graduates for the vast field of sports-related businesses. This program offers a strong business curriculum mixed with specialized sports-focused courses that will help graduates work within the sports industry.

  Semester Hours
MBA (Concentration in Sport Management ) required courses  
SPM 602 Sports Law 6
SPM 612 Sports Organization Finance 6
SPM 622 Sport Marketing 6
SPM 632 Organizational Behavior in Sports 6
SPM 642 Capstone in Sport Management 6