General Education Requirements

Degree Guide Key:
Traditional Day ProgramsWC
Evening & Weekend ProgramsSCD
Online ProgramsON
Graduate ProgramsGRAD


Midway College believes the purpose of general education is to offer students excellent opportunities to acquire a common core of knowledge and basic life and learning skills, and to expose them to a diversity of views and attitudes. To this end, the general education curriculum is designed to create an environment of inquiry into the connections between branches of knowledge. Exposure to diverse ways of discovery and learning leads to greater civic and social maturity and an understanding of the relationships that bind us together. This education fosters a growth in appreciation of the many opportunities that life has to offer.

Academic experiences within a general education curriculum are intended to shape informed thought and action; thus, after completing the general education requirements, each student should be able to:

• Gain knowledge of and engage in dialogue about human diversity;
• Acquire a basic core of knowledge in the arts, humanities, mathematics, natural and social sciences, and computer technology;
• Develop an understanding of the connections among the disciplines;
• Think critically about any subject, content or problem by skillfully taking charge of instructions inherent in the thinking;
• Communicate effectively demonstrating competence in speaking, reading, writing, and information and technology literacy.

The general education goals are further supported by objectives and intended outcomes that students are expected to achieve prior to graduation.

Degrees Offered

Associate Degree - WCSCD

Baccalaureate Degree - WCSCDON