Minor in Equine Studies

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This minor is designed for students who are majoring in Biology, and are interested in either applying to post-graduate programs in Animal/Equine Science or Veterinary School. It will also provide students with knowledge needed to obtain a position in an equine-related field that requires a degree or special training in another field of study. Students may not receive both a bachelor’s degree in equine studies and a minor in equine studies. This degree emphasizes the more science-oriented courses within the equine program.

Available through: WC

  Semester Hours
Equine Studies Minor Requirements 15
Equine Farm Operations Management I EQS 109 4
Equine Farm Operations Management II EQS 111 4
Introduction to Equine Studies EQS 165 3
Equine Anatomy and Physiology EQS 215 3
Equine Anatomy and Physiology Lab EQS 216 1
Choose 3 credit hours from the following courses 3
Feeds, Feeding and Forages EQS 251 3
Equine Reproductive Management EQS 307 3
Equine Behavior EQS 318 3
Comparative Anatomy and Physiology EQS 325 3
Pasture Management EQS 327 3
Animal Nutrition EQS 351 3
Exercise Physiology EQS 356 3
Nutrition and Pharmacology EQS 435 3
Total 18