Certificate in Applied Equine Studies

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All Equine Studies students, and those in other degree programs, have the option to pursue this certificate during their college education. Equine Studies students are strongly encouraged to complete this certificate within their first year. The certificate program emphasizes general equine knowledge and trends, basic horse science, communication in the industry, and applied handling skills. This is a good option for individuals transitioning into the industry while earning college credits, or for other degree majors looking to explore or expand their equine knowledge and applied skills. The certificate is granted after a student completes 29 credit hours, with 14 hours focused on equine courses including an internship.

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 12
Critical Thinking (CT 101)* 3
English Composition I (ENG 101)* 3
Fundamentals of Communication (COM 205) * 3
Mathematics ( MA 135 or higher)* 3
Equine Studies Major Requirements 14
Introduction to Applied Equine Studies I (EQS 106) 2
Introduction to Applied Equine Studies II (EQS 107) 2
Introduction to the Equine Industry (EQS 165) 3
Equine Internship I (EQS 195) 2
Equine Science with Laboratory (EQS 215) 4
Horsemanship any course. 1
Supporting Requirements 3
Conversational Spanish I (SPAN 125)


Total 29