B.S. in Equine Studies: Concentration in Health & Rehabilitation

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Traditional Day ProgramsWC
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Graduate ProgramsGRAD


This degree program is focused on the theoretical, scientific and legal aspects of equine rehabilitation and performance management. Additionally, the emphasis on scientific application prepares students for post-graduate degree programs. As this is a technical degree, for which students learn to communicate with groups having various levels of professional status and knowledge, other career paths may include pharmaceutical representatives or technical feed sales to the equine industry.

Students with a B.S. degree in Equine Studies with a concentration in Equine Health and Rehabilitation will:

• Demonstrate theoretical, scientific and legal facts about the science of equine health and rehabilitation and skills necessary to successfully enter and complete graduate studies and / or ethically conduct and direct rehabilitation and maintenance programs of the equine athlete.

• Correlate equine anatomy and physiological processes with athletic performance and rehabilitation, including emphasis on the musculoskeletal, integumentary and nervous systems

• Professionally design, conduct, document and communicate protocols, expected results and measured responses with groups having varying degrees of technical knowledge and professional status

• Assess horses for nutritional, conformational and behavioral conditions

• Implement best management practices for maintenance and rehabilitation of horses

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Equine Studies Major Requirements* 33
Introduction to Applied Equine Studies I (EQS 106) 2
Introduction to Applied Equine Studies II (EQS 107) 2
Introduction to the Equine Industry (EQS 165) 3
Equine Internship I (EQS 195) 2
Equine Health Care and Management (EQS 214) 3
Equine Science with Laboratory (EQS 215) 4
Feeds and Feeding (EQS 251) 3
Equine Internship II (EQS 295) 2
Equine Lameness and Hoof Care (EQS 313) 4
Equine Behavior (EQS 318) 3
Equine Evaluation and Selection (EQS 370) 3
Horsemanship any 2 courses 2
Health & Rehabilitation Concentration Requirements* 22
Equine and Comparative Anatomy & Physiology (EQS 325) 3
Equine Nutrition (EQS 351) 3
Exercise Physiology (EQS 356) 3
Reading Scientific Literature (EQS 400) 2
Equine Health & Rehabilitation (EQS 485) 4
EHR Internship (EQS 490) 3
Equine Senior Project (EQS 494) 2
Equine Senior Seminar (EQS 495) 1
Supporting Requirements: Choose 21 Credit Hours 21
Conversational Spanish I (SPAN 125)


Economics of the Equine Industry (BA 222) 3
Principles of Marketing (BA 320) 3
Principles of Management (BA 330) 3
Application Software (CS 235). 3
Web Publishing I (CS 270) 3
Web Publishing II (CS 370) 3
Management Software and Marketing (EQS 218) 3
Equine Reproduction (EQS 307) 3
Integrative Performance Clinical (EQS 335) 2
Equine Disease (EQS 358) 2
Reading Scientific Literature (EQS 400) 3
Animal Ethics, Welfare, Rights and Law (EQS 411) 2
Equine Law and Taxation (EQS 484) 3
Any Chemistry higher than CHEM 170/171 5
Any 200-level or higher Biology. 3
Electives 12
Total 124