B.A. in Equine Studies: Concentration in Applied Equine Management

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This degree program emphasizes the art of equine and business management. Whether a student wishes to work with horses directly on a Thoroughbred farm or in a managerial position within an organization, this path trains industry leaders. For this degree, students will complete a curriculum which balances applied aspects of equitation, equine handling and good management practices with business knowledge such as facility design, budgeting, communications and marketing. This degree is an excellent choice for students interested in managing their own facility or riding and training horses, or for those who would like to pursue a Masters of Business Administration.

Students with a B.A. degree in Equine Studies with a concentration in Applied Equine Management will:

• Demonstrate skill compentency and safe handling of multiple age groups and breeds of horses.

• Through written and oral communications, discuss knowledge and hands-on skills necessary for employment in horse farm management.

• Professionally present and implement best management practices for various aspects of general equine management, breeding and training.

• Assess and evaluate horse conformation and movement, health, nutrition, and suitability for various disciplines.

• Correlate applied management skills to business principles of marketing, accounting and ethics using equine business as model.

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Equine Studies Major Requirements* 33
Introduction to Applied Equine Studies I (EQS 106) 2
Introduction to Applied Equine Studies II (EQS 107) 2
Introduction to the Equine Industry (EQS 165) 3
Equine Internship I (EQS 195) 2
Equine Health Care and Management (EQS 214) 3
Equine Science with Laboratory (EQS 215) 4
Feeds and Feeding (EQS 251) 3
Equine Internship II (EQS 295) 2
Equine Lameness and Hoof Care (EQS 313) 4
Equine Behavior (EQS 318) 3
Equine Evaluation and Selection (EQS 370) 3
Horsemanship any two courses 2
Equine Management Concentration Requirements 22
Topics in the Equine Industry (EQS 210) 1
Equestrian Skills Throughout History (EQS 220) 2
Equine Reproductive Management (EQS 307) 3
Forages (EQS 327) 3
Equine internship III (EQS 395) 3
Animal Ethics, Welfare, Rights, and Law (EQS 411) 2
Equine Facility Design (EQS 412) 3
Equine Senior Project (EQS 494) 2
Equine Senior Seminar (EQS 495) 1
Horsemanship any two courses 2
Supporting Requirements: Choose 26 Credit Hours 26
Accounting I (BA 210) 3
Economics of Equine Industry (BA 222) 3
Business & Org. Communication (BA 313) 3
Principles of Marketing (BA 320) 3
Principles of Management (BA 330) 3
Application Software (CS 235) 3
Web Publishing I (CS 270) 3
Web Publishing II (CS 370) 3
Conversational Spanish I (SPAN 125) 3
Management Software & Marketing (EQS 218) 3
Topics in the Equine Industry (EQS 309) 1
Introduction to Schooling Horses (EQS 310) 2
Training Horses (EQS 311) 2
Competitivie Horse Juding (EQS 397) 3
Equine Law and Taxation (EQS 484) 3
Electives 6
Total 124