A.A. in Equine Studies: Concentration in Applied Equine Management

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The Associate of Arts program is a two-year degree that emphasizes equine and business management. This program provides students the fundamentals needed to step into an entry-level position in the equine industry. As the Associate’s is progressive into the four-year degree options, students can choose to continue towards a baccalaureate degree or enter the work force. Students will gain experience handling a variety of horses, and study horse science, introductory record keeping and business management.

Students with an A.A. degree in Equine Studies with a concentration in Applied Equine Management will:

• Demonstrate safety and practical horse experience to gain employment in the Equine Industry

• Critically analyze trends regarding the horse industry that are important for horse care, farm operations, management, marketing, and legal issues

• Complete assessment of skills required for graduates entering the racing and non-racing performance horse industries

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 25
Equine Studies Major Requirements 33
Introduction to Applied Equine Studies I (EQS 106) 2
Introduction to Applied Equine Studies II (EQS 107) 2
Introduction to the Equine Industry (EQS 165) 3
Equine Internship I (EQS 195) 2
Equine Health Care and Management (EQS 214) 3
Equine Science with Laboratory (EQS 215) 4
Feeds and Feeding (EQS 251) 3
Equine Internship II (EQS 295) 2
Equine Lameness and Hoof Care (EQS 313) 4
Equine Behavior (EQS 318) 3
Equine Evaluation and Selection (EQS 370) 3
Horsemanship any two courses 2
Supporting Requirements 6
Economics of Horse Industry (BA 222) 3
Principles of Management (BA 330) 3
Total 64