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Degree programs in Equine Studies are designed for effective training and career preparation. These programs fuse the art of horsemanship with the science and modern technologies involved in proper management. Initially, there are required courses common to all degrees which provide students with a strong foundation in general industry knowledge and trends, practical horse care and management, anatomy, treatment and prevention of illnesses and disease, record-keeping and legal issues. Equine Studies majors can choose to pursue the following degree programs based on their interest, experience and career goals while at Midway College.

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Important Things About Our Equine Program

You will get to ride the horses.
As part of the curriculum students will be given the opportunity to ride horses as part of the herd management. Under the guidance of our veterinarian and faculty members, conditioning and training of the herd is part of our curriculum and students will get to be an active part of this. If students choose to try out for one of our equestrian teams, there will be additional riding time for team practice. The riding component of this major is spread over several courses.

You will spend a lot of time with the horses.
Our program is based on the study of horses, and we believe in the importance of hands on and a mix of theory and application. Many of the core courses are taught in the barns, and students are learning under our faculty’s guidance the work of managing our herd and our farm. Students will be paired up with horses for special management duties throughout the academic year and be responsible for their care.

You will be assisting in the herd and pasture management.
We are a teaching and equine science program, and our students are expected to assist in much of the work we do both caring for our animals and our pastures. We truly believe you can only learn from working alongside our faculty and staff.

You will be expected to work hard.
While other students are still sleeping, our equine students are in the barns. If you want to be part of this industry, the expectations start the first day you arrive on campus and begin our program. Many of our introduction and lower-level equine courses are designed to train students in the basics in horse care and horse handling. Through Midway’s equestrian studies, students will be asked to muck the stalls, work in cold and hot weather, early and late hours – this is all part of the many rewards of working in the equine industry.

You will learn the skills the industry needs and wants.
Our program’s curriculum is designed to teach students the skills that employers within the industry want. We know this first hand because we ask them. They want and need strong communicators. They need students with good working knowledge of horse handling and management. And they need a strong work ethic. We believe our curriculum is perfectly aligned with the industry’s needs.

Equine Studies Program

Mission: The Equine Studies Program is dedicated to students striving to become ethical, passionate and competent equine professionals.

Janice L. Holland, PhDJanice L. Holland, PhD

Janice L. Holland, PhD, is a long-time member of the Equine Faculty with expertise in Equine Nutrition and Pasture Management. She has been recognized for Teaching Excellence at Midway College and publishes in nationally recognized equine publications. Demonstrating excellence in advising, Dr. Holland works closely with her advisees to ensure college success and career readiness. In her free time, Dr. Holland is active in the local community, enjoys sports, particularly NHL, and riding her Thoroughbred.