B.S. in Criminal Justice

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The field of Criminal Justice is broad. From local law enforcement to federal level investigative bureaus, the need for trained and skilled professionals continues to grow. Midway College’s Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice prepares learners to manage activities related to law enforcement, corrections and courts. This is a strong skills development and training program to prepare students to succeed at any level within the criminal justice system.

Our coursework places a strong emphasis on criminal investigations and understanding the entire criminal justice system from cause of criminal activity to court processes and incarceration. Course subjects include correctional systems structure and processes; psychological, historical and societal issues of terrorism; interviewing and interrogation; forensic and abnormal psychology; courts and court procedures; and more. Each student will present a capstone project as the culmination of his or her learning during the program, applying the knowledge to specific career fields in criminal justice based on areas of student interest.

There are many benefits to Midway College students in the Bachelor in Criminal Justice program. Students will benefit from the experience of our faculty members’ extensive training within various criminal justice organizations and field work in this area. Faculty advisors within the program are available to help students develop their course schedule, and electives can be used to help emphasize a student’s particular interest beyond the degree program courses. In addition, students will have access to Midway College Career Readiness Service Center to find out about what job opportunities are available with a criminal justice degree and additional skills training and preparation.

The Criminal Justice program is offered online and at the Midway and Lexington locations. Evening program offers students great flexibility. Courses are one night a week in the classroom with a blended format of additional (online) coursework.

BS in Criminal Justice Course Summary

BS in Criminal Justice Course Sequence

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 34-40
Criminal Justice Degree Program Course Requirements* 39
Writing in the Disciplines ENG 380 3
Introduction to Criminal Justice CRJ 101 3
Corrections CRJ 201 3
Criminal Justice and Substance Abuse CRJ 210/PSY 210 3
Criminal Acts CRJ 301 3
Criminal Procedure CRJ 305 3
Kinesics Interviewing CRJ 307/PSY 307 3
Criminal Organizations CRJ 310 3
Psychological, Historical and Societal Issues of Terrorism CRJ 315 3
Police Ethics CRJ 405 3
Courts and Court Procedure CRJ 410 3
Criminal Investigation CRJ 420 3
Capstone CRJ 496 3
Psychology Course Requirements 9
Social Psychology PSY 312 3
Abnormal Psychology PSY 320 3
Forensic Psychology PSY 350 3
Electives   32-38
Total 120

*A minimum grade of "C" in each course required for graduation.