Minor in English

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A minor in English requires 18 semester hours chosen from the list below which have a prerequisite of Introduction to Literature ENG 210 or permission of the Department Chair and must maintain a minimum grade of C in each course for successful completion of the minor:

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  Semester Hours
Introduction to Literary Criticism ENG 215 3
Children's Literature ENG 240 3
Linguistics and History of the English Language ENG 300 3
Women's Literature ENG 301 3
Studies in World Literature ENG 305 3
Special Topics in Literature ENG 310/ENG 410 3
Poetry ENG 320 3
Major Playwrights ENG 330 3
Adolescent Literature ENG 341 3
Shakespeare ENG 405 3

* A minimum of a grade of "C" in each course is required for successful completion of the minor


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