B.A. in English

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Our Bachelor’s degree in English from Midway College is flush with flexibility and opportunity. Our faculty will help you create a program that meets your specific needs, whether that targets further study or the demands of the contemporary workplace. At Midway, your English major courses will focus on critical thinking and responding to diverse readings. This major provides a solid framework in British, American and world literature essential for graduate study.

Employers can be confident that you, as a Midway graduate with a humanities degree, will be skilled at linking your studies to the work world: making inferences, drawing conclusions and anticipating consequences for the future. Career options for English graduates include law, editing, research, education, training, journalism and publishing. Find out how to earn your degree in English studies today!

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  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 34/40
English Major Requirements* 39
Introduction to Literature ENG 210 3
Introduction to Literary Criticism ENG 215 3
Linguistics and History of the English Language ENG 300 3
Women's Literature ENG 301 3
Studies in World Literature ENG 305 3
American Literature Survey I ENG 313 3
American Literature Survey II ENG 315 3
Poetry ENG 320 3
British Literature Survey I ENG 327 3
British Literature Survey II ENG 328 3
Major Playwrights ENG 330 3
Shakespeare ENG 405 3
Senior Interdisciplinary Seminar ENG 498 3
Electives   41/47
Total 120

*A minimum grade of "C" in all major courses required for graduation.