Campus Safety Procedures

Bomb Threat

If you receive a bomb threat, it is important to obtain as much information from the caller as possible and call Campus Safety immediately at extension 5419 (859-846-5419 from an external phone or mobile phone).
Questions to ask include:

• Location of the bomb
• Time of the explosion
• What will make the device explode
• Type of bomb

Make note of the caller’s voice and any background noises you may hear. Such information may assist in identifying the caller.

Emergency Numbers

Safety and Security 846-5419
Maintenance 846-5400
Campus Nurse 846-5418
Ambulance 9-911
Fire 9-911
Police 9-911

Right-to-know/Hazard Communication

Information concerning chemicals and materials used and stored on campus, their hazards, and how to protect you from them is available through the Facilities Department.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Information concerning chemicals and materials is available through the Facilities Department.

Fire Safety

Fire prevention is a 24-hour job. It is the goal of the Department of Campus Safety to make every effort to provide a save and secure environment for each individual, student, faculty, staff and visitor to our campus. However, this requires the help of everyone. For your protection, the following guidelines are to be followed:

• Fire safety equipment is not to be tampered with (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, hoses, etc.)

• Do not set any unauthorized fire in or on College property.

• Burning incense, candles, oil lamps or other open-flamed items in residence hall rooms is not allowed.

• Extension cords may be used in College facilities but must be UL approved heavy duty wire with individual breakers.

• Access to and from residence hall rooms (doors and windows) must be kept clear. Clothing, trash, books, etc., must not be placed in such a manner as to inhibit easy entrance to or exit from a room.

• Bicycles are not permitted in College buildings. Bicycles must be kept in bike racks provided on College grounds. Bicycles are not to be stored in corridors, stairwells or residence hall rooms, and should not block entrances to buildings, creating fire and safety hazards. Bicycles not properly located may be removed by campus safety officers.

• Only non-combustible decorations are to be used in College buildings. No live Christmas trees or wreaths are to be used in residence halls.

When a fire alarm sounds, the building must be evacuated immediately. Failure to leave a building when an alarm sounds is a serious matter and will not be allowed.

Gas Leaks

We hope you will never have to deal with a gas leak. But if you should, it is important to know what to do. Since natural gas has no odor, the gas company has added one for your protection. It has a strong distinctive odor that should allow you to detect the smallest leak. A slight odor, especially near an appliance, may just mean that a pilot light is out and needs relighting. But if there is any doubt, call a Safety Officer at extension 5419 (859-846-5419 from an external phone or mobile phone).

Natural gas is one of the safest energies you can use. With your help, we will keep it that way. If the smell of gas is strong, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, and then call us. See the DOs and DON'Ts below:


• Leave the building. Make sure everyone is out!
• Call Security from another building.


• Don’t flip light switches.
• Don’t use other electrical equipment.
• Don’t light a match or candle.
• Don’t try to find the leak yourself.


No person may possess, use, sell or store any dangerous weapon, firearm, explosive (including fireworks), or any other potentially harmful device on Midway College property. The possession of ammunition is also prohibited.

Weather Threats

Tornado Watch:

Conditions are such that tornadoes could develop. Start planning your actions in case a WARNING is announced.

Tornado Warning:

A tornado has been sighted in the area and all individuals should seek shelter. Campus shelter areas are indicated in each building. The main areas are:

Belle Wisdom Laundry room, Ground Floor Lobby
Buster Hall Restrooms on each floor
Starks Hall Basement Hallway, First Floor Hallway
Marrs Hall Basement Hallway
Pinkerton Hall Basement
McManis Student Center Locker rooms, Restrooms, Hallway outside restrooms

Occupants should vacate the following buildings and see shelter in other buildings:
• Patterson
• Equine Barns


KEEP CALM. Do not run or panic. Stay where you are. If outdoors, stay outdoors. If indoors, stay indoors. Most injuries occur as people are entering or leaving buildings.

If indoors, seek refuge in a doorway or under a desk or table. Stay away from glass windows, shelves, heavy equipment and elevators.

If outdoors, move quickly away from buildings, utility poles and other structures. CAUTION: ALWAYS AVOID POWER AND UTILITY LINES; they may be energized.

If in an automobile, stop in the safest place available, preferably away from power lines and trees. Stop as quickly as safety permits, but stay in the vehicle for the shelter it offers. Do not return to evacuated buildings unless told to do so by an official.