Campus Safety Information

Access to Campus Facilities

Midway College is private property and is for the use of the college community and other authorized persons. Campus facilities are open to the college community during normal business hours. Campus facilities are closed during holidays.

Safety Programs

Programming is conducted throughout the academic year by the Student Affairs Office on a variety of topics pertaining to safety and security. The Student Handbook provides valuable guidance on personal safety, residence hall safety, safety in your car, safety outside, and safety at night.

A series of seminars, lectures, and presentations are conducted during alcohol awareness week. The campus clinic makes available free educational pamphlets regarding drug and alcohol use and abuse. Additional programming may be presented in residence halls.


It is the policy of Midway College to maintain the campus free of sexual harassment. Any person who is a victim should report it immediately to the appropriate Vice President or Dean of Student Services.

Midway College promotes the health of the college community, and as such establishes policies governing the use and sale of alcohol on college property. Any person found to be in possession of or consuming alcoholic beverages on college property will be charged with a violation of college policy. Students, faculty, or staff members under 21 years of age are in violation of state laws and may face prosecution.

The college does not condone the possession, consumption, ingestion, injection, or inhalation of any illegal substances. Any student, faculty, or staff member found to be in violation of local, state, and federal narcotic laws will be subject to arrest and prosecution through the proper criminal process.

It is against Midway College policy to have weapons of any type on college property.

Escort Service

Our safety officers will escort you to any point on campus. They provide escort services 24 hours per day. For more information, or to request an escort, call extension 5419 (859-846-5419 from an external phone or mobile phone).

Safety Tips

• Use the escort services provided by the safety department.
• Never walk alone. It is safer to walk in pairs and use well lighted routes.
• Keep your residence hall door locked at all times.
• Immediately contact Campus Safety when a suspicious person is noticed anywhere on College property.
• Always lock your vehicle.
• Do not hide or loan your door key.

Security (859) 846-5419 Director of Physical Plant & Campus Safety (859) 846-5782

This report provides information required by the Campus Security Act, effective July 01, 1994, with statutory provisions since November 1990.